Thursday, November 20, 2008

CaC 6: My life vs Your Life

I often get asked to write compare and contrast papers about say, compare and contrast myself to a toucan or other tropical bird; you know, standard junior high CandC papers. Well, I'm in high school now, and just to let us know that these new papers would be harder, and, also, as a result, would require the usage of at minimum 3 times more commas than we used to use, they assigned a paper that is usually reserved for college students; Compare and Contrast somebody else. So here it is: My life vs your or anybody else's life. Well, first off, I'm tall, really really tall. You aren't. Then again you might be as tall as me...maybe even taller, but I doubt that. I also doubt you are as tall as me. You are probably shorter than me, but maybe not. Point number 2, I love videogames. I love them so much. I love them more than you, you probably hate them. Even if you did love them, you don't love them as much as me. In fact, even if you love them, I love them so much more than you that you might as well be hating them. To reiterate, no one, anywhere, ever has, or ever will love videogames as much as I do. Unless you do. And C, I will undoubtadly get an A on this paper and I doubt you do. You certainly won't make a higher grade than I, since there's nothing higher than A, unless we're talking about videogames, then there's an S rank and sometimes a double S rank, but that is neither here nor there. Even if I somehow don't get an A, I bet my grade will almost certainly be higher than yours. Very few people are as smart as I am, so I doubt you would get a higher grade than me. In conclusion, I'm most likely taller than you, I love videogames more than you, and I will probably get and A on this paper and you most likely won't. All said, I'm just better at life than you and I will succeed where you will fail, unless you don't try to succeed in those areas, in which case you won't succeed nor can you fail. Rather you will be null; caught in some sort of nothingness where you didn't even know there was something you could or couldn't succeed at. Probably. So what do you think? I bet I ace that paper.